About us 

We are an American website and mobile app development company. Mstar Technology started in 2007 in Los Angeles, California, with more than 50 developers in the US. We expanded our business to Thailand in 2020. We are currently one of the best web development and software engineer companies in Thailand. Mstar builds software applications for many government projects and for more than 5000 websites and mobile applications for small to large corporations and individuals around the world.

Our teams of computer engineers are second to none. We understand the ins and outs of the technology business that will help your project to become successful. There are more than 5000 satisfied customers around the world, and you will join in being one of them.

Our company will stand by you from start to finish and make sure your project is successful after we have completed your project. After you work with us, you can rest assured that you will receive full support for life. You will surely be satisfied with the latest technology that we offer together with the best service and low prices. You made the right decision in using us.


Best Service – Mstar Technology is one of the best
web development companies in Thailand. We value our client as “king.” We know
that problems occur anytime that can cause your business to be in limbo,
especially if action is not being implemented in time. We act quickly to make
sure that your problem is resolved instantly, so your company can go on with
your operation. We stand by you 24/7 and make sure that your operation is goes smoothly
without worry.

Web & Mobile Integrated – Our company can help
with any plugin or upgrade to any software and platform. We know how to make it
right to fit your satisfaction.

IT networking Service – If you ever come to a time when
your system is down or your web application has a major problem due to bad code
or a vulnerability to a virus, we can help solve the problem quickly and
efficiently. Our team of professionals is second to none, and we can resolve
any problem that may jeopardize your business. We can help manage your server
by tightening your security and making sure that your staff can follow strict
procedures to help prevent it from a major catastrophe that may ruin your
business. We are the best of what we do, and we can help your company to become
productive and succeed.

Industry certified – We are a fully certified web developer in the IT networking sector
in the U.S.A. Our teams of professionals can help your company become worry-free
with strong computer skills.



1.     Certified Web Development

2.     Zend Certified PHP

3.     Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)

4.     Microsoft Developer
Certifications (MTA & MCSD)

5.     Amazon Web Services (AWS
Certified Developer)

6.     PMP Agile Certified
Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

7.     CCNP (Cisco)

8.     Network+ (CompTIA)

9.     Cisco Certified Network
Associate (CCNA)

10. Cisco Certified Entry
Level Technician (CCENT)

11. CompTIA Cloud+

12. CompTIA Security+

13. Microsoft Technology
Associate (MTA)



Our Niches Areas


·      Strong communication skills

·      Professional web designer and developer

·      Professional digital marketing teams

·      Backbone of many successful web applications

·      24/7 support

·      Fully guaranteed after service

·      Large teams of professional computer engineers

·      Instant support with no wait time


Company started

We are an American website and mobile app development company. Mstar Technology started in 2007 in Los Angeles, California, with more than 50 developers in the US.

Opened  offices in India

As the company grow we open our new office in India to service international client 


Second partner was hired

As demand in mobile application. We open our new office in china to service asian client in web mobile technology 


Signed our first government deal

Our first government deal on mega project for Department of motor vehicle. 

Expansion to Thailand

Our new company in Thailand. We are very excited to open our new office in Thailand to service large corporation and government sector.